Tintagel Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan
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Launch of this website to address the lack of open and transparent information coming from the Parish Council in relation to the activity of the Neighbourhood Development Plan team.


Letter to County Legal Officer asking for a ruling on the legality of the Parish Council actions in “suspending” the Steering Group for six months.


At the Parish Council Meeting, the PC voted to suspend the Steering Group activities for six months because they had lost confidence in the Steering Group.

The SG dispute this action, and dispute the reasons given by the PC. The SG cannot explain why the PC now appear to want to close down the whole NDP concept, having first voted for the Plan and appointing SG members.

The whole history of the PC/SG activities is shown in the Project Timeline. Please read this to understand the difficulties that the PC have imposed on the SG since the formation of the NDP team in May 2014.

Please note that, under the Localism Act 2011, the Steering Group should act independently, without supervision by the PC, until the Draft Plan is submitted for scrutiny.