Tintagel Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan
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About the Plan

Please scroll down for answers to some frequently-asked questions about the Tintagel NDP:

  • What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?
  • Why does Tintagel need an NDP?
  • What impact will the NDP have on the planning framework?
  • Who is responsible for developing the NDP?
  • Who pays for the NDP?

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) sets out policies in relation to the development and use of land in the area – in this case, Tintagel Parish. The NDP will be a very important document which the government will consider in all planning decisions in the parish. The NDP must be drafted by local people who are recognised as representatives of the community, and if it is approved by a referendum in the parish, it is expected to shape planning decisions – along with the draft Cornwall Local Plan currently being developed by Cornwall Council – for the next 17 years (2013-2030).

The Tintagel Neighbourhood Development Plan is an opportunity for local people to have a say in what to protect and where to build in their parish over the long term. Local people are very enthusiastic about the project and the community and Parish Council agreed to go ahead with creating an NDP for Tintagel in 2014.

Although it is not intended to be overly restrictive, a Neighbourhood Development Plan is a very comprehensive document. It contains a full survey of community assets and needs – from affordable housing to protecting the natural environment – and sets out the policies and projects that will define how the parish changes in the coming years. This vision will be very important for the community, Cornwall Council and developers, among many other interested parties.

Why does Tintagel need an NDP?

Tintagel Parish contains several villages –Tintagel (Trevenna), Bossiney, Treknow, Trebarwith and Trebarwith Strand, and several smaller hamlets – each with their own unique character and environment. However, the draft Cornwall Local Plan will require around 1200 houses to be built in the Camelford Network Area (Tintagel Parish is part of this) - to date approximately 386 have been built which leaves 814 still to be built. Approximately 80 houses will be required over the next 16 years in Tintagel Parish.

Tintagel will have to decide what share of this development it can accommodate, while preserving what we believe is the special character of the area. Moreover, this is a great opportunity for local people to suggest improvements that can be made in the parish under the umbrella of the NDP.

How will the NDP affect planning in Tintagel?

An NDP is the key document that can lead to other very important planning documents. The Localism Act 2011 has removed the old Development Boundaries. The Act also introduces a Neighbourhood Development Order (NDO), a new type of planning document which allows the community to grant permission for development that complies with the Order. It also removes the requirement to submit a formal planning application. The Act also introduces a Community Right to Build Order, which can give permission for small-scale, site-specific building by a community group. In addition, having an NDP can make it easier to secure funding for community projects.

Who is responsible for the NDP?

The NDP is being led by a Project Team composed of local people and elected parish councillors. The members of the Project Team – and their terms of reference – can be seen here.

Who pays for the NDP?

The cost of preparing, printing and finalizing the Plan, together with the fees for the External Examiner are the responsibility of the Parish Council, who can claim Grants from Cornwall Council and Locality to help cover their costs.

So far we have been helped by a willing team of volunteers, undertaking research and delivering questionnaires by hand. This has saved considerable money so far. We hope that our volunteers will continue to support this worthwhile task in this way.

The legal background

Under the Localism Act, Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) must form part of Cornwall Council’s Local Plan and obey national regulations.

This means that unless a particular decision is a strategic priority for Cornwall Council, or the NDP is in conflict with national legislation, the recommendations of the NDP should always be followed.